WIP Wed: Block 19 & 20 of The 163 Japanese Patchwork Book


IMG_1524Early last year I started making blocks from a wonderful Japanese Book titled (roughly):   163 favorite Pattern of Patchwork .  ISBN 9784391140.  It caught my eye because I have a serious love for Japanese sewing and quilting books, but mainly because each block was deconstructed for you so you could see how to best assemble them.  By December 2014, I completed 18  8″ blocks. Not too bad!

IMG_1525I plan on continuing this project in 2015, so today I got my book out once again and went through the blocks to see which ones I wanted to work on.  Here are the two blocks I chose and my completed versions:

IMG_1530I must say that each of the 20 blocks I have completed are in no way related in color or pattern!   I am doing these blocks for the learning experience so if I find scraps or smaller cuts of fabric that work for a block I use it.  This is going to be one funky quilt when I’m done!

More WIP today was finishing the last few steps of a pattern I’m writing.  I can’t share much with you at this point, but when I can I will give you all the information here on the blog.   Here is a sneak peak:

IMG_1519The huge hammer is called a Dead-Blow Hammer.  It is very heavy and when you use it stays down once it makes contact!  If you follow me on Instagram, you know what happened when this met my finger….Yeow!  I use this hammer for bulky seams, leather and with rivet/grommet installations.

So what are you working on right now?



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