WiP Wednesday ~ Quilt Blocks and Cows!


Yesterday I was able to finish one of my 163 Patchwork blocks and start another one.  These are challenging blocks for a newbie, so I find myself struggling from time-to-time.  The issue I run into the most is enlarging the pattern.  There is a small block on the bottom right that shows the completed block. Then there is a colored bock on the left taken apart to show you how to put it together.  What is starting to work for me is to print out the finished block on the right then enlarge it to the size I need. Then it gets pieced.

2014-02-19 18.38.22

This is my most recent block.  I couldn’t translate the name on my app, so if you know the name let me know!  I used the printer method and worked like a charm.  Below is me NOT using the printing method…..

2014-02-19 18.38.44

A scrap bomb of Tula Pink Saltwater and 1/2 of an 8″ block. Done with my stellar math, but still not right. I added seam allowances and everything, but it is off enough that I’ll start over in the morning.  I’ll get it eventually. Just need to have a printer with me when I do these blocks! (And a longer time block to work on it.)

2014-02-19 18.36.22

Look what arrived from the UPS man this week. My leather testing pieces!! They are veg-tan walnut shoulders about 12sq ft for all pieces.  I love the smell of  leather! These little beauties will be custom handbag handles and a few small test patterns.  I’m afraid to cut into it, but at the same time can’t wait to see how my ideas turn out.

2014-02-19 18.37.28

So, how’s your week going? I hope it’s been a productive one.  Today I’m linking up over at Freshly Pieced sharing my projects and seeing what everyone else is up to!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


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