WIP Wednesday: What Type of Sashing to Use?


IMG_1380This week I have had several projects going on at once. Luckily, they are all going well and should be done soon.  I am still finding that working on one project for a few hours then switching over to another mid-day is working well for me. Keeps me on my toes!

I finally finished my last Sugar Block Club 2014 block.  Here are all 12 blocks set out. I will play around with the placement tomorrow.  Until then, can ya’ll help me out ?? (I’m still fairly new to this!)  What color/pattern fabric should I use for the sashing?  This is such a funky set of blocks but they share Kona Snow and Essex Yarn Dye in Flax in common.    Any color or fabric advice you could share would be greatly appriciated!


I also finished sewing on a few new patches for my son’s Merit Badge Sash.  I can proudly say the punk attached all but 2 of them!  There is hope.


My biggest project of the week has been finishing a petite bag pattern I wrote a few weeks back.  I finished it and am editing pictures, but was a little stumped on handles until I found a few scraps of this 8oz natural leather I ordered last year.   After smoothing down the edges and thinning out a few areas I was able to create a very simple handle that should wear well.

We have a busy weekend coming up so I hope to get these projects checked off shortly.  What are you working on?


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  1. Boy, did that picture of the leather and tool bring back memories. In another life, I had a business doing leather tooling.

    Your son is to be congratulated on all his hard work.

    I’d try either this or the lightest one.

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