I have been pattern testing handbags for a few years now and love it. I have learned so many new techniques an for some reason, I really enjoy the editing and the process of how patterns are written.  So can somebody tell me why I am struggling so much with writing my own pattern!?!?!  I have a ton of ideas and samples in my studio, but getting through this first one is proving difficult.

I have pattern pieces done and have one solid prototype made (My IG feed has a few more shots – I’d love for you to follow me!) But getting down to the actual steps and writing it out in more detail is slow going!   Too much detail? Not enough? For now I am writing out just about everything, so I’ll fine-tune it on the second prototype  I’m working on today. Crossing my fingers.


I have also been working on the Kumiko Fujita 318 Patchwork Quilt-a-long as well. I finished my first pattern (a house) yesterday in between bouts of pattern frustration, and am starting another one hopefully today. I have hand pieced the smaller parts of the pattern, but use my Featherweight to do the rest.  Hand sewing is a lot more therapeutic than I thought. I plan on redoing this one as the poor trees got chopped off!, but for a first go-round it’s not too bad.

Tomorrow I am finally able to share the cutest new pattern I just tested.  This one is unique and has many sizes to choose from so stay tuned!  Hope your weekend has been nice and relaxing.

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