You CAN craft at hockey practice!


My middle is taking hockey lessons. On Saturdays. At 7:30am.  That means I get to drive middle and youngest to a freezing cold rink when it’s already 80 outside. I come prepared with blankets usually, but an hour and a half of sitting in the cold really does a number to my aging fingers.  So today while my youngest was reading and playing, I decided to weave.

Early morning hockey practice and a new yarny idea :-)

I have a huge box of fibers in all sizes, colors and styles. Most are between 6-12″ long but long enough to play with. Before we left this morning, I had youngest grab a bunch and put them in a travel bag along with a larger embroidery hoop and a scrap piece of linen (it happened to be interfaced). Once we got settled in I got the hoop and linen set up and got out my sunshine twine and created lines every 1/2″ apart and about 6″ long. Ready to go. What you see above is the result after about 45minutes. Youngest picked out each fiber with me and I weaved it in. I have a plan for this little experiment, so I’ll show you the final result next week.

What are you up to this weekend? We are registering the youngest two for scout camp in a few weeks (I will be there too!Eek!), running some errands and cleaning out this little man’s hutch:


He is our Dutch Rabbit, Astro. The little man is having some problems getting adjusted to his new surroundings and is biting his bunny brother and not wanting to be groomed, so we have a little work to do with him this weekend. Besides that, I am busy trying to plan out our schedules for the summer. The boys have 1 week left of school and I have to get on my “A-game” so I don’t get overpowered! Have any fun adventures coming up? ~Cindy

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