Zakka 2.0 Coasters & Quilt Blocks


TGIF!!!! And from the week we’ve had down in Florida, I am SO glad to see the sun out today!  We started off the week with clouds and rain off and on then as the week progressed the weather went downhill. Fast. At about 3:30am on Thursday morning I woke up to my cell phone blaring with a tornado warning. Turns out there was a touchdown about 15 min from the house! Eek! So I watched on the news to see if I would need to wake up the house, but luckily it passed. So yesterday until early this morning Tropical Storm Andrea spent the day with us. We did not lose power, but my poor boys had to go to school. I wanted so much to pick them up, but the rain made it near impossible to see a few feet in front of you.  They made it home safe and sound at normal time, but spent about 2 hours of their day in the hallways in tornado warning positions. You know that one. Head on knees, arms tucked around legs.  We had 2 warnings in the county and all sightings were within 5 min of our house or the boys. Scary stuff.

photo 3-1

I was able to work on quite a few projects this week being stuck inside because of the weather.  I completed my week one of the Zakka 2.0 Sew-Along. These are my bell pepper coasters. I made them with The Very Hungry Catepillar Fabric, Ombre Stripes, a Moda alphabet print and a holiday print that matches perfectly, but I have no clue who makes it. Do you?  I chose a child theme because they will be used in our playroom.  I love how they turned out and they were SO easy to make. Maybe 45 minutes total. They’d make a cute gift, don’t you think?

I was also able to start my Craftsy online BOM 2012 Quilt Class this week as well.  I really love how you are able to watch (and in my case) re-watch the videos.  The printables are very clear and I was able to complete the first two blocks with no problem. My quilt will be from TulaPink’s Saltwater Line and KONA cotton coordinating solids.  I am also using Essex Linen in natural as the main solid because I think it represents the sand in the Saltwater line. No, I’m really not this deep, I just thought it matched the neutral colors in the print!!

photo 5I am going to try and work on the next two blocks this weekend, which is a chunky chevron and balkan puzzle block.  I’ll show you the finished blocks next week.  Here are the first two blocks, an asterisk and a wonky pound sign:

I hope you all have been able to check things off your to-do lists this week. Have a great weekend everyone! I hope those in the path of Andrea stay safe!  ~Cindy~


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    1. Thanks Debbie 🙂 They were so much fun to make. I think I’m going to try the coaster that had a zipper inserted in the side. Did you see that one? So creative!


    1. I got them in a Fat Quarter Shop grab bag, so I maybe have a 1/4 yd left. Love the colors 🙂

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