Zakka 2.0 Sew Along & A Little Birdie


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After a few mishaps with birdie feet, I finally finished my June Riley Blake Mystery Block last night.  This one was much easier than May’s block, so it didn’t take too long to finish. All that we really had to do was trace the pattern on our chosen fabric, stitch on the traced line then trim excess fabric leaving 1/4″ from stitching. That 1/4″ was folded under and pressed.

Once everything was pressed and starched within an inch of it’s life I applied Heat-N-Bond light on all pieces to adhere it to the fabric. I finished up by topstitching around the edges in a natural colored thread.  I am new to appliqué, but the topstitching worked for me.

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Here are my  6 blocks so far. I’m not sure if this is the last month of the sew along, but I’ve had so much fun and have learned quite a lot about quilting.  I For all my blocks, I’ve chosen inen as my main background color.  Not a typical choice, but when starched and steamed it works pretty well. All I really needed to do was sew a bit slower and watch how I manipulate the fabric (which should be hardly at all!)   I really hope we continue *hint, hint* RB!

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The Zakka 2.0 Patchwork, Please sew-along is still going strong.  This week is the Tea Cozy & Tea Pouch. Anna from Noodlehead is the guest poster and her finished cozy is adorable!  Next week is going to be the Polka Dot Cafe Apron. Angela from Cut To Pieces will be the guest poster. If you go over to Flickr though you can see tons of projects already completed from the book. Some pretty amazing talent!

I opted out of this week’s challenge so I could finish the towels from last week and get my studio caught up. I was able to fuse all my letting on Monday and Tuesday.  All I have to do now is apply a few coordinating embellishments and I’ll be done.  I used 20X20 linen napkins I purchased at Target this weekend.  I don’t think I’ll add the bias finish many are adding, but it does need something doesn’t it.  Any ideas on how I can add a subtle finish to the edges?   ~Cindy~

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  1. I came over to look at your Zakka and I was just scrolling through your posts, and when I came across this post, my son freaked out. “Wholly!!! LOOOK at that bird! Thats Awesome!” I didn’t even know that he was looking over my shoulder. I really thought you should know that we are very impressed with it! 😉 Janelle

    1. Thank you for the compliment! It has a funkadelic look to it, with a little of this and that. It was fun to make 🙂 I hope they add more months to the Mystery Block sew-along. It has been a lot of fun.


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