Patchwork, Please! -Triangle Patchwork Box Pouch


Well, this week’s chapter was quite the learning experience for me.  I have seen these adorable boxy pouch patterns all over Pinterest and I think I may even own a few, but had yet to try one out until this week.  After the final pressing and a few pictures I can sit down for a bit and enjoy the fruits of my labor! Isn’t she a cutie?!

photo 4The pattern itself is quite straightforward. And if you did not have to piece the outside like we did, you could easily sew one of these up rather quick.  What takes the most time is cutting out 32 squares and piecing them together. The end result makes it totally worth it though.  The fabrics I used for this pouch were a few 30-ish mix and match prints from JoAnn Fabrics.  The linen is from my stash bin, so I had to starch the heck out of it to stay put for piecing.  The sides are also linen which I quilted for a different look. I used 3/4″ lace trim for the side 1-1

I had 2 stumbles with this pattern. 1. The directions say 1/2″ SA. I did 1/4″ everything turned out just the same so was that a typo? 2.  If you look at my piecing you’ll notice it’s a bit….how should we say this…unique? Different? I completed the first row as stated with no problems. I completed the second row with not problems either. Yet when I stitched them together something looked off. Ruh-Roh Scooby, totally pieced the second row backwards!!!! I blame the kids. Or the newbieness. But I like the funky look.

photo 2-1All was not lost though. I kept going, piecing the same exact way for the other side with no problems. Once the whole panel was done, I did my loose interpretation of “stitch-in-a-ditch” in some areas then set it aside and moved forward.  The interior panel was super easy to complete but you really have to take your time as you insert it into the main box. There is no stitching involved here, just blindstitching from side opening/zipper/side opening.

photo 3-1

Here is completed inside shot of the inside. When the pouch was actually done, I realized just how much you could really fit in it. It would make a great travel pouch. Or maybe a place to keep a few small trinkets or crayons when you go out to eat. The fabric I used matches another project I’m currently working on, so I will be putting this to use in a new bag shortly.

Coming up next week is a nice pencil pouch, complete with paper pieced pencils! Should be interesting paper piecing a small lead tip! If you would like to see this week’s host sample by Lori Hold from Bee In My Bonnet, or from Debbie of A Quilter’s Table click on the link and enjoy!

Enjoy your afternoon. ~Cindy~

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