Zakka 2.0 ~ I Love My Ipad Quilted Cover ~


photo 2-2My iPad is loving it’s new home!  I have a harder travel cover for it, but when I’m using it at home I usually have it on my nightstand.  This week’s project is just what I needed and my iPad fits perfectly into it.

photo 5-1The exterior fabric is from Michael Miller, a cute hexagon patchwork pattern. The interior is a bright teal check also from Michael Miller nd white/grey pattern that has a woodgrain look to it. I am not sure who makes that one (Birch?) but they really fit the funky bright feel I was looking for!  In Ayumi’s pattern, there is also a pocket we added to store the charger. I personally love this one because that means my kids won’t be able to find it!

photo 4-1

The only thing I altered in this pattern was the quilting.  I stitched around each hexagon on the fabric instead and added a thicker layer of batting so it popped out a bit. I think it worked quite well!  Next week is the handy market tote.  I think I’m going to try this one in painters canvas again for the sturdy shopping feel. If all goes well, I may have to have my first giveaway! What do you think?

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  1. This is simply stunning! I love your fabrics, and the hexies front! I am going to try to make one, after seeing your beautiful IPAD cover!

    1. Thanks Susie! I love the fabric too. Michael Miller really helped me out by making the hexies already attached LOL! All I had to do is stitch around them 🙂 It was a really fun project to make.

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